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Ellen Staten Hill (Bodmer)

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Jan Webster

Ellen was my friend for as long as I can remember.  She and I discovered our mothers sewing doll clothes which later were delivered by Santa.  That pretty much ended the Santa game for both of us!  Ellen didn't go to college so her favorite time of life remained high school.  Long after we graduated, if I wanted to know what was going on - with anyone from NCHS - I just had to ask Ellen.  If I didn't want to know - I was told anyway.  Ellen kept up with everyone she could and was happy to have news to share.

Ellen loved NCHS.  She loved her friends.  She loved being a cheer leader and on prom court.  She just loved the whole experience and it rubbed off on anyone who spent much time with her.  Of course, there were also bad times.  I didn't know if either one of us would live though the drama of Marty Olsen!  Our moms were friends and took us to Denver shopping each fall for school clothes.  One year her mom, Emily, decided to look at fur coats for herself.  She gave us ONE roll of lifesavers to keep us busy while she and my mom tried on coats.  Ellen and I were always dressed on those trips  to the nines - hats, gloves, etc.  A big commotion rose up in the store and our moms came running out of the dressing room in time to see Ellen and I, locked on to the ONE roll of lifesavers, rolling down the carpeted store steps, gloves, hats and all flying.  

One of the funny memories happened in my house.  Ellen was there visiting from Ohio.  Several other girls were there too.  Ellen and Tony were expecting their first child.  Ellen had picked the name, Mark Anthony as the name for her first child, if he were a boy.  She said, I don't know what it is but those two names just seem right together...  The history lessons or movies just hadn't sunk in to remind her, Mark Anthony was a fairly famous name which is why the two names "just seemed right together"!

I visited her often when she lived in Denver.  I visited her once when she lived in Dallas.  We talked on the phone once a month until the day she died.  Next to my mom and dad, she is the greatest loss in my life, so far.

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